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Outplacement Services – A must during economic swings in the Alberta economy

Laying off / terminating employees is a tough decision that organisations are often required to make in today’s competitive business scenario. “Termination of an employee” is a difficult situation for both – the employer and the employee. The way it is handled by an organization, has far-reaching impacts on the organization’s future.

Read on to know why more and more organizations are opting for “Outplacement Services” and the benefits they are reaping as a result!

What are outplacement services?

Let’s start from the basics! Let’s start with “What are outplacement services?”

Outplacement is the process in which recently terminated employees are helped to get suitable employment in other companies/businesses.

Suppose a company is doing restructuring and downsizing to adapt to changes in the market, to make itself leaner, and to be more aligned to the business needs. The process may need laying off/ terminating some employees.

Here, the company can take a third party for outplacement services, similar to Atled Consulting Ltd. All employees who are released from employment warrant assistance when searching for new jobs. The third party does it by – helping employees update their resumes, updating them about job-market conditions, coaching on their skill set, reviewing their LinkedIn profile, and practicing interview techniques.

3 Key benefits of outplacement services, which no employer can ignore

  1. Safeguarding the employer reputation

Providing outplacement services to the terminated employees, ensures that there isn’t negative-publicity of the company. In fact, it enhances the employer branding and contributes to reinforcing an employer of choice reputation.

  1. Reduced Liabilities

If you provide the departing employees with professional support which they need and deserve, the employees will not leave with a negative experience. They will continue to hold the employer in high regards. The chances of lawsuits and legal hassles will reduce dramatically.

Moreover, the employer has the satisfaction of providing much needed support to the employees who served it for years, during a time of sudden change.

That’s what we call a “win-win situation”!

  1. Maintaining the Employee Morale

If you as an employer do not provide a respectful and caring exit to terminated employees, the morale of all the remaining employees will dip down. You will see not only a lot of attrition but an overall drop in productivity levels.

Your best bet here will be the outplacement services for the terminated employees. Always provide the right opportunities to the terminated employees through outplacement services and let all your employees know that you care for them!

Outplacement services – An investment worth making

Considering the far-reaching impacts of Outplacement services, most organizations have realized that this is not a cost but an investment. And this investment has definite ROI (Return on Investment).

We help employers across Canada, by providing customized outplacement services! Contact us to know how we can make an impact for you. Reach us at or 1-866-285-3399.