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How to build your employer brand with 5 easy tactics

For small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in Alberta, attracting and securing top talent is critical to boosting sales and scaling your company. Constructing a unique employee value proposition (EVP) and building a reputation as an employer-of-choice, will be a determining factor for employees to join your growing firm – or go to a competitor. Advertising that you’re hiring or offer free snacks, just doesn’t cut it.

Cultivating an employer brand is especially important for SMBs as small to mid-tier businesses face distinct challenges than larger organizations within Edmonton and Calgary. An EVP isn’t just a nice-to-have, but impacts the bottom line and equates to hard cost savings. Consider just a few statistics on how employer branding influences revenue.

  • A whopping 68% of consumers ceased buying a company product after learning of poor employment treatment
  • 84% of active and passive job seekers state that the employer reputation is important
  • Turnover and attrition costs can be slashed by 28% through investment in employee marketing
  • 50% of potential candidates would turn down a pay increase and job offer if the company had a bad reputation
  • Compared to the CEO, the voice of an employee is perceived as 3X more credible when discussing a company culture
  • Competition for young talent is fierce; 68% of millenials evaluate a potential employer through company social media channels

With direct impacts to revenue and reputation, SMBs can implement the following 5 baseline tactics build a strong employer brand.

  1. Define your unique value proposition and embed it throughout all print and digital collateral. To trigger some ideas, start by reviewing the Alberta’s Top Employers for 2019. Remember, it’s not just about what you offer employees – but how you sell it.
  2. Promote and align your EVP directly on your website through enticing job descriptions, employee testimonials, and streamlined applicant processing.
  3. Leverage social media to kickstart conversations with top talent by creating and publishing content, engaging your audience through comments, and reviewing patterns to customize your strategy.
  4. Beat the competition and win over passive candidates by hosting an event, drawing in future employees in a niche, hard-to-fill industry.
  5. Harness current employees to spread the word by electing employee advocates, starting an employee referral program, and encouraging social sharing on platforms like Glassdoor, Great Place to Work, and Indeed).

Based on global research, senior executives believe that social media employee marketing will be the most in-demand HR skill going into 2020, trailing by data analysis and predictive modelling skills. Human Resource teams in Alberta need to intersect recruitment and marketing to stay ahead of the curve.

Are you feeling 100% with your employment brand? Connect with Atled Consulting Ltd. to build a captivating, authentic employee value proposition – let’s get you the right candidates today.