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HR. Without the Overhead.

Modern businesses require modern HR solutions. Welcome to Atled Consulting Ltd., an Alberta based outsourced Human Resources consulting firm, offering holistic flat fee management and subscription-based plans for small-to-medium sized companies across Canada.

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Our Services

Compliance & Legal

All of your compliance & legal needs are met under one roof with on-call consultation, legislation guidance, reporting and documentation, employee and labor relations, and exclusive access to our complete library of policies, templates, and manuals.

Fractional Human Resources

We step-in and help current HR teams and professionals to cover sick time, extended vacations, or other short-term leaves. Steward your teams through unexpected absences and mitigate risk.

Talent Management

Our curated annual programs span compensation modeling, succession planning, recognition platforms, employee engagement, and performance management. We also perform short-term tasks and partner on recruitment needs, employee policies, and job descriptions to the highest standards in your industry.

21st Century Programs

Develop employment programs that reflect modern values, retain talent, and promote company growth. We work with you shoulder-to-shoulder to execute positive Mental Health in the Workplace, Diversity & Inclusion, Artificial Intelligence Job Iterations, and Workforce Planning programs.

Change Management

Leverage our expertise in communication, training, and resistance planning for major changes or initiatives. Our PROSCI certified experts assist your employees with transition through IT software implementations, leadership changes, and company growth.

Outplacement Support

Safeguard against employee termination liabilities and generate goodwill through employee transition services. We provide post-release coaching, resume writing, LinkedIn reviews, and mock interview simulations for terminated employees. We also prepare notice letters and on-site support the day of release.

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Why Atled

Atled challenges outdated human resource models by offering a unique HR development plan for every stage of your business. While other agencies may offer functional HR services, their bespoke price plans can put an arbitrary spin on your budget and gradually spiral out of control. This can leave small businesses scrambling to cover HR overhead costs and come up with their own in-house solutions — which are typically unaffordable or inefficient during the critical stages of business growth.

With Atled’s scalable flat fee HR management plans, you’ll never have to worry about getting more than you bargained for when outsourcing. Our turnkey HR membership and change management features are transparent, accessible and designed to grow right alongside your business as long as you need us.

Founder & President

Founded by HR veteran Lana Leeb, Atled is inspired by industry insight from working within international Fortune 500 companies as well as government and private mid-tier organizations right here in the Alberta market. To the benefit of modern companies, Atled doesn’t seek to emulate traditional HR models which are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Instead, Atled has developed a model of its own — one which highlights modern HR features while giving companies the unique freedom of leveraging fixed costs and transparent services.

We focus on the two most pivotal aspects of every small-to-medium sized business — flexibility and growth. If you’re comfortable, so are we. When you’re ready to grow, we’ll grow with you.

Monthly Subscription Plans & Pricing

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